Friday, October 12, 2007

Is it really Friday????

Is it really Friday???
Today was, of course, another busy day for me. I babysat Nick today. He peed so much in his diaper that it leaked all through his pants, right down to his socks and shoes, and on my carpet. Nice. So he got a nice warm bath and I got a nice warm wet carpet.
Really, though, we had a good day. I spent a lot of the day emptying my inbox. I have a bad habit of keeping all of my emails as new... and then all of a sudden I have 350 emails and I can't find a certain one I need. So, I decided it was time to clean the inbox. That took a while. Thank goodness Nick naps for two hours!!
Tonight was Art Works night at the school. I got to bring all 3 kids because Art is still working on the house. It's a good thing we left, I think, because he wasn't too happy. It's very very cold today and now the siding and stuff is breaking on him. Uh oh. Let's hope it warms up a little, just for a little while longer. Please!
Back to Art Works... that was... interesting. Samantha made some really nice, colorful pictures. Colby did one that is pretty cool. He put a lot of effort into it and of course it's adorable. And then there's Will's picture. At first he drew swirls, in pencil, and tried to pass it off as his artwork. He was way too busy playing with the other kids. I finally got him to draw something. I would have felt awful leaving there getting something for two kids and not the third. His artwork cost me a guilty $7.
Now we are home. It's almost 2 hours past bedtime and the kids are wired. Me, I want to crawl into bed and go to sleep. But of course that can't happen until the kids are in bed, because Art's not home. He went to help his dad install a furnace.
Did I mention how cold it is? I doubt it reached 60 today. And it started off pouring rain. Did I ever tell you how my dog will not go outside in the rain? No, she hates the rain. So she will sit by the door and whine and whine, but when you open it, she turns and runs. That always makes for a fun morning.
Hopefully tomorrow will be warm. Or at least warmER. We've been spoiled with this awesome warm weather lately. I haven't even checked to see if the kids have pants that fit!
Happy Friday Night!

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Katrina said...

Oh no that's no good about the weather making Art's work more difficult. I hope he has all the siding up by now.