Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
Can you believe it is Halloween already? I can't! It just doesn't seem right! I felt like we were out trick-or-treating about 2 months early or something. And the weather, sixties! Not bad! It got a little chilly as the night wore on, but it wasn't bad. We went all around the neighborhood, lots of walking! We had to stop back home once to empty the buckets because they were full!!!

Here we are in our costumes. Doesn't Art look so funny in his angel costume? I love it!! The silver eyelashes really made it rock!!!!!

Samantha is Hermione from "Harry Potter". She wouldn't let me tease her hair though!!

And Will is a "punk". That's the best word I can figure out to describe him. He got his accessories for his costume from the "goth" section of the party store. And we made his shirt-- we spray painted candy corns silver and then hotglued them to the shirt to make spikes!

And Colby is a Camo Ninja. Every time he puts it on he has to strike a pose!!!

And I am a devil (to go with Art's angel, of course!) I wore my costume all day today, even when I brought Colby to the dr... he was a tad embarassed, until he saw all the doctors in their costumes too!!!

We got lots of candy (well, the kids did!) I need to hide it so I don't eat it all!!!!

Oh, and Colby was at the doctor's today because he had a bad pain in his jaw, and it started turning red. Turns out he has an infected lymph node. :(


bahama97 said...

Love those photos! The one of you & Art is terrific!

Jenn said...

great pics, i love the costumes

Katrina said...

I hope Colby gets well soon.

I love all the costumes.

so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy... You and Art look Fabulous together... Love the costumes...