Sunday, October 28, 2007


We carved pumpkins on October 21 (yes, exactly one week ago... so I'm a bit behind!) It was such nice weather that we were able to do it outside.
We pretty much let the kids do whatever they wanted, however they wanted. They all took the gooey stuff out...Samantha was very over-dramatic, but she did it! Will was okay with it, using a spoon. And Colby only did a little himself.

Colby's pumpkin is a bit of a "self portrait"... he kept saying "How do my eyebrows look when I make this face?" "How does my mouth look when I make this face?" It was very cute. He drew it all by himself, but Daddy cut it out.
Samantha didn't need any help this year either. And she did an awesome job on her pumpkin!!!
In other news, the house is coming along nicely. Art is now working on the outside door downstairs in back. The whole frame around the door was rotting from the continual water that pools in front of the door. So he put up a new frame (made of some plastic material so it won't rot!) and it's looking good!!!
The weather is getting a bit colder. And lucky us, me and Samantha have to go do a Girl Scout thing today. Our troop made a "butterfly garden" over the summer at a local retirement home and today we are going to go and clean it up.
Last night we went to a Halloween party!! It was SO FUN!! I got great pictures of us in our costumes... but I'll post them on Halloween :) Art was the hit of the party!!
Happy Sunday!!!


Katrina said...

What fantastic pumpkins Tracy. I am thinking of getting the boys to cut out oranges but we will see.

Jenn said...

those pumpkins look great Tracy!! My kids are just going to paint theirsa this year. we do need to get busy with that.