Saturday, October 13, 2007

Go Devils!

Everyone shout "Go Devils!"
Tomorrow is Samantha's *cheerleading competition*!!! We have to be to the coach's house at 6 am... erg!! They should be performing sometime around 9 am... so wish them luck!
Art has been siding all day... he got lots done in the back of the house! I will post pics hopefully tomorrow. Thank goodness it warmed up a little bit today. Am I brave enough to say luck might actually be on our side?

I babysat Hannah today... and Will and Colby had 2 friends over, plus our neighbor Adam! It was a fun day! The boys played so much, and it was so nice to spend a whole day with no fighting :-) They ate a ton of snacks too... I can only imagine what it will be like when they are older.!
The girls had to cheer at half a game tonight... I have no idea what the final score was since we left at half time, but when we left we were winning 19-0! We have such a great team! Go Devils!!!
GOOD LUCK TOMORROW, Sam!! And Madi and Mikayla and Makenzie and Loren and Taylor and Antania and Adrianna!! Good luck girls!!

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Katrina said...

It's great when there is no fighting isn't it, it really makes things a lot easier.