Sunday, June 3, 2007

Almost summer now!!!

Ha ha! I love these pictures of Colby! I said "smile" and this is what I got! His Superhero poses! He's all wet because he was swimming in our neighbor's pool. All three of them were. Yesterday's temp got up to 90 and the humidity was outrageous!! It finally rained a little bit last night.. we were expecting a thunderstorm but it never quite came.

We set up the sprinkler and the slip n slide. Shea loves the water!! Art left the hose in the backyard a little too close to her... she dragged it over and chewed a hole in it. Oops. We knew she felt bad because whenever Art would go near her, she sat right down and tucked in her tail, shaking. Poor puppy!!!

Art and I started setting up a shed yesterday! It was so much fun! Just the two of us. We got a bit done, but had to stop on account of the thunder.

Soccer for Colby is going well...he had a mini-tournement yesterday morning. Samantha is still going strong with softball... her hitting is getting better and she can really throw the ball!! And Will is still loving bowling... He's fun to watch!

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