Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part 5

Question #5. What is something you feel too young to do?
I can honestly say that I really feel too young to be a mom, especially a mom of a ten year old!! In my mind I am young... and I know technically I am seeing as I'm not yet 30. But I feel young, and sometimes immature and inexperienced. It's a bit scary having this thinking person who is growing so fast and is not so easily molded anymore!! Babies are so easy... but these older kids, they're tough!! And I just feel way to young to be dealing with all of the issues that come along with my pre-teen.
Sometimes I also feel like I'm too young to be living the life I'm living. I'm happily married, with three children, a house, pets, bills, etc. I'm a stay-at-home mom by choice. I know a lot of people who aren't yet married, don't have kids, don't have a house... and it's just so odd to me. I feel like I should be living their lives... renting an appt, dating, going out... considering we're about the same age. But it's okay because I chose this life and really wouldn't want it to any different.
Oh yeah, and I'm WAY TOO YOUNG to have gray hair!!! That is really awful. A mean trick for God to play on me. I've had gray hairs for years now... but just last year it's gotten to the point where I have to color my hair to hide it... and it comes back pretty quickly. What gives? Like I said, I'm not even 30!!!!
*************************************************** has been a good day! It was Children's Day at church... the kids were so cute! It's fun to see them. Will is such a ham... loves to be the center of attention and loves to sing!! Sam stays in the background and Colby does not enjoy it AT ALL!! He'd rather do anything else than have to perform in front of people!!
Speaking of performing in front of people, Samantha auditioned for a local play of High School Musical last Wednesday and she was offered the part of a "cheerleader". Which is pretty funny because she will be juggling cheerleading practice with play practice! But she is very excited and accepted the part. The play is in September.
Samantha and I saw "Surf's Up" today with a friend of her's for a birthday party. It's a cute movie. Although, really, I was annoyed with it. It's a kid's movie... animated. And one part says "This place sucks" right into the camera (I HATE that word!) and another says "What a piece of crap!" (another word I hate). I know Samantha has heard it before, even though she's not allowed to say it...but I wouldn't want my little boys to see it.
Samantha had a softball game today... was rained out in the first 20 minutes. But there was some excitement-- a woman was bit by a dog and that woman happened to be Sam's teacher's assistant in her class. She was okay.
The boys also had a party today-- a water party. Too bad it was 69 and overcast. But that was good for Art because he spend the afternoon finishing putting our shed together. It will be so nice to get all of the kids' toys out of the garage!!!

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