Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dutch Apple Cruise

Today I went with Colby on his "Kindergarten Cruise". Every year the kindergarteners take their big end-of-the-year field trip as a ride on the Dutch Apple Cruise in Albany, which goes up and down the Hudson River. I was NOT prepared for it to be so *cold*!! As you can see in the pictures, Colby had on shorts and a sweatshirt. I had on capris. Most people wore jeans and jackets!! It was cold and windy, and being on the water on a boat makes it even colder!! My hair was blowing every where. But it was fun! It was so nice to spend the time with just Colby, even though I gave him some M&Ms and he was running all over the place!! But I was able to see him interact with his friends... (and chase a little girl all over the boat!)... and we got to cuddle because it was so cold. I got some cute pictures too, which is always a bonus for a scrapbooker!! Ha ha ha. We got lots of fresh air today... and you can totally tell...Colby is so tired and miserable. He's adorable, but miserable. In fact, he yelled to me "I am NOT in a bad mood!" while crying. ")

I cannot believe Colby is almost done with kindergarten. I've gone on my last Kindergarten Cruise. Wow.


Katrina said...

What great photos Tracy. What a sad moment to realise it would be your last kindergarten cruise.

Jenn said...

that looks like so much fun. I know how you feel about the last kindergarten moments. I have had way too many of those this week. Just remember there are many great things ahead for these guys. That's what I'm trying to do anyway :)