Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Memorial Day, a tad bit late!

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend!! On Friday night we went to the movies to see Shrek the Third with Samantha's Girl Scout Troop. We also hit Dairy Queen on the way back-- yummy!
On Saturday the kids and I headed to Schroon River to my mom's camp. It was nice to see all our relatives, and to spend the night at camp. The simplicity of camping is always welcome. Samantha was excited because there was a dance and she was *asked to dance by an 11 year old boy*
On Sunday we went to a picnic. The food was great, seeing friends was nice, too. It started to rain, and then thunder... the kids played in the rain and got soaked but when it started thundering we left. We rented some movies and a nice mellow evening together.
On Monday we had the annual local parade. Samantha and I marched with our Girl Scout troop, and the boys rode their bikes in the bike brigade. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and thank goodness it didn't rain!! After the parade we walked around the cemetary a little and then went home. We went to a neighbor's for dinner and the kids got to do a lot swimming! It was great!
One of the pictures above shows the boys looking at a headstone. We had walked around checking them out. Will was cute, he very interested. Whenever we saw a young person we talked about the age and wondered why they had died. This particular headstone was titled "CHILDREN" and listed 5 children that died when they were either one year old or younger. All in a row, every year a child was born and died. It was sad. Made me hug my kids even harder, and realize just how lucky I am.

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Katrina said...

What a busy weekend Tracy, but it sounds like it was fun.