Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Day of June???

Summer vacation has officially begun!! School ended last Thursday. Will and Colby had good report cards. Both are moving up a grade. We haven't gotten Sam's yet- we're waitng for it to come in the mail. (Because she took finals this year and they have to have the grades). Next year, Colby has Mrs. Donato, who was one of Sam's 6th grade teachers this year (science) and Will has Mrs. Harris, who was Sam's 5th grade homeroom teacher. Poor boys, living in Sam's shadow!

Next year I'm a bit worried. Colby's 3rd grade class is going from 4 classrooms to 3, which just makes each classroom that much bigger. That's not really good for Colby. And the 5th grade...well... I don't even know how to explain that one. Apparently the 6th grade teachers will be teaching 5th and 6th grade...somehow... we'll see how that goes. Again, not good for Will.

Last Friday we celebrated Colby's 8th birthday! We brought some boys to see the movie "up". It was really cute, even though it was a bit sad at times. I think the really sad parts went over the boys' heads. They all had fun, and I'm really glad to get that out of the way!!!

Owen now knows to go into the cabinet where we keep our cereal, and get a box out and start eating it. I prefer him eating that instead of dog food!! I know froot loops aren't the best for him, but he really doesn't get that many in his mouth :)

Owen also has now learned to climb stairs... so I can no longer leave him in the basement while I do laundry. And when I bring him outside, well, let's just say we cannot leave him alone for a second. He LOVES to eat grass...and leaves...and sticks...and whatever.

Will and Colby have decided to go to Vacation Bible School this week, so they are there. Next week Will has bowling camp and Colby starts summer camp.
Because I decided to not send Colby to summer school, he is doing work every day. And Sam and Sarah are helping me "tutor him". It's cute. So far it's working out good. But it's only day 2!!

Sam told me Wholly Cow has coconut almond fudge ice cream, so we'll probably head there later!!

On Sunday we had a barbecue to celebrate my dad's birthday and my brother Kaden's 2nd birthday. It was fun! Everone was here. And it didn't rain like we thought it would, which was great! The kids went on the trampoline, and in the pool, and played with water balloons! Samantha just played with Kaden the whole time <3 It was really nice to see Dad and Becky- first time this year for the kids. I wish we could see them more often. It was neat seeing Owen and his Uncle Zarek- they are the same size!!!

Well, happy summer vacation!!!

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