Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16

Happy birthday, Gina!

Things are going great here!! Even though there was a loud thunderstorm last night, the weather otherwise has been beautiful and we are getting great use of our pool.

Samantha is done with rec softball for good, and travel has already begun. She had 2 great games this weekend. She hit a triple and had some other good plays. I was sad to miss it (I was at church).
Physical therapy is going well for her. She switched from the braces to taping her leg. She can do it herself, which she does every morning. She says it helps.
School is winding down quickly- she starts finals on Thursday. She is nervous, it's obvious. But excited too, I think. Yesterday I had a meeting with her math teacher for her HAL (highly abled learner). Next year she is going into advance math/pre-algebra.

Will is doing great. School is also winding down for him. He is looking forward to summer- he is telling everyone that he is going to bowling camp and church camp! And he'll have weekly bowling starting in July. That will be good- he's been back and forth to ball games for the other 2 but nothing for him.

Colby is a stinker. A real stinker.
School is winding down, too, of course. He brought home a packet already that he is to work on over the summer. I know he'll fight me on that but I'll make sure it gets done. I don't want him to lose everything he has gained this year.
He has one game left of baseball. He likes it but I don't think he'll do it again.

Owen is growing like a week. Not in size, but in ability! He is definitely trying to walk...every change he gets. Even if it's one or two steps, he usually will try before he crawls. Amazing.

We had a scare today when Colby left the door to the basement open and I found Owen leaning onto the steps. You know that feeling when your heart is in your mouth? Yeah. I woke up the kids because I was yelling so loud to get Colby's attention downstairs over the TV.

Art is still working on the other house. It's coming along, slowly but surely.

Shea is great. LieLie is great. We're hoping to get some fish next week to celebrate summer!!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow it makes me tired just thinking about all you do, but your kids are thriving so I commend you for getting them all to things they love!

ginafiorito said...

thanks for birthday wish! I know I need to respond to your email on Facebook too!! I hope all is well and we seriously need to catch up. We're blogging again as well as we're getting ready to leave for another road trip.