Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well...yesterday was my birthday...which means we're well into summer. It doesn't feel like it though. It's in the mid-70s I think. I want 90s so I can really enjoy the pool!!!
Will has done 4 days of bowling camp. One more to go. He loves it. I'm sorry it's ending so quickly. He has apparently learned a lot- because last night at bowling, he bowled 3 games over his average!! That is awesome!
Colby is also 4 days into summer camp and loving it.
I am on day 3 of watching my friend's daughter Adrianna and she is a little sweetheart!! Owen is enjoying having a "friend" to play with, even if they don't actually play together... Her mom thought she would be miserable but so far she is great!!
Samantha got her report card last week and all is well. All is wonderful, actually. She is on the principal's list again!! And Sarah is in her homeroom again next year. And she got a letter asking her to take advanced math. Reminds me, we need to get that in!!
Sam is enjoying sleeping in...and just chillin...
Will is loving bowling camp...
Colby is having fun at camp...
Owen is little Mr. Trouble...walking more and more...climbing over things...saying Dada every time we ask him to sat mama!!
Tomorrow is Owen's 9 month check up.

Over the weekend we moved Colby back into his old room. Owen now has his crib and changing table in the back living room, and his clothes in Will's room. Colby is ecstatic to have his room back, and Will is happy to have his all to himself again. Of course, now the back room is even more cluttered but oh well!!!

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