Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Update!

Three important things have happened yesterday...
First, Samantha was the queen at the 6th grade midieval feast! She wore a beautiful dress (gasp) and was so beautiful!! Max was the king. It was very cool! There were monks, crusaders, peasants, slaves, the royal court. It was fun to see!!
Also, Owen took some steps!! He took a few, at different times. It's exciting in a way, but so bittersweet. It's fun to watch him walk but I'm really not encouraging it. Ha ha! Samantha is happy though, she is very eager to have her little brother walking!
And then last night, Will and Colby had tae kwon do testing and are now RED belts! Wow! Red is so close to the end! It's amazing.
And a funny about Will... if you know Will you will understand this for what it is... he had his shirt on *inside out* for half of the test. We noticed it but couldn't do anything about it. That's Will!!!

Today was Flag Day at Colby's school so Owen and I went. Mr. Schulties, Will's 1st grade teacher, was there to raise the flag. It is so great to see him, he is such an asset to that school!! Colby was decked out in flag get up! Very cute! And in his classroom we had a treat. He fed me strawberries and watermelon and grapes! Very nutritious! I love seeing him and his friends. They all loved Owen and I think that made Colby feel good. :) And then, of course, Colby wanted to come home with me... but his teacher was great and told him all about the smartboard they would be using and he was happy to stay!!

Happy Friday!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow... your kids are sooo great.. Queen that must have been amazing for her. And the big boys at red belts that shows some dedication. And I understand that Owen needs to stay the baby a while longer!