Monday, June 8, 2009

Is it really June?

So many updates....!!!!
The kids are getting excited-- warm weather is here, school is almost over, and summer is not far away!!
To make this summer more enjoyable, we put in a pool! It was installed last Monday, and the kids have swam in it many times since then! Thank goodness it has been nice weather. Of course, the water isn't really warm yet... we filled it with our hose... but that doesn't stop the kids! Sometimes they come out shivering and shaking! But so far they love it. And so do the neighborhood kids, so we have to make sure everyone is safe. Colby has to be on his tippy toes to stand in the pool. It's pretty deep.
School is winding down. Will hasn't had homework lately. Sam is studying for finals (her first year) and Colby has already had his Field Day. I was able to go to Field Day and also have a picnic lunch with him, that was fun! I love seeing all the kids. Colby has some really good friends in his class this year so it's nice. They also have nice moms and that's really nice too!!
Baseball is almost over. It's been hard to juggle softball and baseball this year so it was will be a relief when it ends. I don't think Colby will care. He likes it but not as often as it is.
Softball rec season is over...well, the play-offs are tonight. Sam's team didn't do too well so I don't foresee them going so far. Travel has started... she had two travel games yesterday. Lost both, but the second game was MUCH better than the first. Sam made some great plays! She got the first RBI, and got a double herself. That was great!!
That game was in Clifton Park, so Mike and Renee and Leah <3 were able to come!! I haven't seen her in weeks. She is still oh so tiny! She slept most of the time. I did hold her for a while, which got Owen kind of upset. He kept looking at me funny. And he wanted to touch her in the worst way! It's neat to see Leah and realize Owen is only 7 months older, yet so different. He was very much into the dirt... he kept eating it. If we picked him up he would squirm and cry to get back down. But Leah just slept.
Will just spent the weekend with Grammy at her camp for "Will's weekend". He met some new kids and played pool and really had a good time.
Samantha had one physical therapy so far because of her knees. She said it hurt but not much. She is still wearing the braces, although sliding into a base at softball made dirt get into it and we can't get it out!! I need to find other people who wear these braces so we can get some advice on them!!
Art was busy this weekend digging a trench for the electric on the pool. Yay!!
I spent Saturday at the Great Escape with the Girl Scouts.-- oh, and Jake too. Sam wanted him to come... it was a really fun time. The kids are old enough to go on rides by themselves... and there were no little brothers to hold them back. Owen was there, but they loved him!!!

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Becky said...

Hey, I have Blogger now! Just trying to figure it out for now...

Love your pictures and blogs! :)

so A"MUSE"D said...

Umm wow you've been busy... great pool.. I want one too! Owen is getting so big and showing so much personality... amazing.

And you and your brother look alike..