Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Butterflies!!! ....and an update!

On Friday, the 17th... we drove 1.5 hours away to a butterfly conservatory in South Deerfield, Mass. We went with 2 other families. I brought 2 extra kids myself! It was a lot of fun. We'd never been to one before, so it was neat. It was VERY hot and they played very soothing music, so I wanted to take a nap while we were in there! ha ha. The butterflies were everywhere, they flew all around us. They landed on Will a few times. And Sam held a few. Colby was "freaked out" by them (his words) and we even got on to sit on Owen's head!! It was a neat trip. One boy we went with bought quails. And we came home with 100-200 praying mantis eggs... we'll see what happens once they hatch!

Let's see, what else is going on in our world?
The kids are back to school now.
Softball is in full swing- Sam has already had practices, and opening day is this Saturday. She is very excited for that!! Except the weather forecast says 83! Is that possible?? It will be a hot one!
Baseball has also started practices, but Colby has accidentally missed both so far. Oops. Tonight he has pictures- we'll make it to that!
On Sunday Sam and Owen and I went to Renee's baby shower! Hard to believe she is due in just 3 weeks. I cannot wait to meet my newest niece!
Owen cut another tooth on Saturday too. He didn't even cry, it just appeared! And he is trying so hard to crawl- we think this morning he actually did. We try to take a video but he hit his head (again) and it was sad. He hits his head constantly right now. Poor buddy!!

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