Monday, May 4, 2009

Lots of pitures!

I haven't updated in so long.... I tried the other day, but blogger wasn't working...ugh!
There are so many pictures today, I don't even remember what they are... so I will just do an update from memory!
softball has begun. She has had 4 games so far. They lost the first 3, but won the last one! That was a cause for celebration, so her coach brought her out for ice cream. Yes, just her. Sam seems to be a favorite!! And she just might join the travel team again... her friends are all asking her to!
this Wednesday Sam is being inducted into the Junior National Honor Society at school! She had to apply and she made it in!! I can't wait, I'm so proud of her!
she also mae principal's list again with her report card average.
I know at least one of the pics is her on the laptop...that is where she is A LOT!

not doing any sports until bowling starts again. He is actually sick right now- flu-like symptoms... not fun...for him, or for me! He's a pretty good sport but he's very miserable. I hope we all don't catch it!!

has started baseball. Is liking it so far. The coach wants him to try to be a catcher, mostly because Colby is rammy and they can keep his attention there! Ha ha.
Colby will turn 8 on Thursday (WOW) so he is the star of the week this week at school. He said if he was principal for the day, he would let everyone drink soda!!

has 3 teeth now!! One came in yesterday, after he smashed his mouth on the floor 3 times and got all bloody. I think it forced it out!! He is standing now ALL the time... he hardly even crawls. He just pulls himself up onto everything. And then he falls...and gets all bloody. He seriously needs a helmet and a mouthguard!
He's growing so big. And cuter every day, is that possible?

Art and I went to see Dane Cook the other night! Owen's first time with a babysitter, and he slept right through it!! The show was great, it was so nice to go out. Can't wait to go again. We love comedy shows!!

Gotta go...finally have a change to shower, and it's 4 PM!!!

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awesome pictures

we have the same lap top!!