Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came!!!

The Easter Bunny made it to our house on Sunday. Which is a mighty good thing, because Will and Colby were up at 3 in the morning asking if they could search for eggs! Can you imagine? I thought it was only Christmas that got them so excited.
Unfortunately, Owen was still sick on Easter, and so I didn't get much sleep... he was up every 3 hours or so and then Colby had me up at 3 and again at 6, and of course he woke up the baby both times!
The Easter Bunny was sneaky...he hid the baskets, and he never left any clues!! Ha ha. But the kids were able to find their baskets quite quickly.
They were pleased with what they got in their baskets! Samantha's favorite things were the Twilight movie and a wooden dolphin puzzle. Will and Colby got tech decks. Owen got a very soft fabric ball and also a little piece of crinkle fabric that he loves to hold and play with!
We went to church. I just love Easter music. There is one song in particular "Because He Lives" that always makes me cry. It reminds me of my Gram, who passed away almost 10 years ago. I cannot sing that song without tears. And we always sing it on Easter, of course.
And Colby was so funny at church!! The choir was in front. And he said "I want to see the lady who opens her mouth really big"! And she was there. At the end of one song he said "Did you see how red her face got?" It was sweet. Will used to call the choir "the red people" because they wear red robes.
After church we headed to Terry's. Owen was miserable, but he cheered up. There is a pic of him and Aunt Tina. He looks so sweet. And then a pic of him and Mike, and that is how he was a lot of this weekend. :(
It was nice to see my family. They hadn't seen Owen since Christmas. How sad is that?
And then home for a nice ham dinner with Grandpa Bill, who showed up in wonderful Easter attire! He cracks me up! We also watched "Twilight" together as a family. That was nice. I thought it would scare Colby but it didn't. He enjoyed the fights. He's such a boy.
Thankfully Owen is better now and almost back to his old self. Not 100% but getting there.
On Saturday we went to the bowling banquet- both boys earned trophies and patches. Colby had a tick on his head, he named him Bob. Art was able to get him out with no problem. No more Bob.
We also had Will's birthday party on Saturday. That was fun! Bowling with Will's new ball, he was happy about that! It was a fun party, Will and 6 of his best friends. Very enjoyable, aside from Owen being sick and all...
And now... Sam is at softball practice and Will isn't feeling well. I hope he isn't too sick. Poor buddy!! Just when it's spring break from school and the weather is finally nice. Send him get well vibes!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

More fantastic pictures.. your little easter bunnies are so cute. Who is the guy in the crazy red pants?