Thursday, April 16, 2009

The kids are on Spring Break! And the weather has been beautiful so we are very lucky!!
On Monday I brought the kids to the playground. Right off, Nick peed his pants... luckily a friend was there who had some extra clothes in her car!! So he got some awesome hot pink pants! But then he fell on one of the cars they have, and cut his eye open. I had to call his dad and he had to go to the doctor, but he was okay. Scared me!! I hate when kids get hurt.
Sam also had softball practice that night. Let's hope she's on a good team.
We have had all sorts of kids here all week. Aldin, Jordan, Jason, Cameron... and then Sami and Nick... but then at any given time, one of my kids are gone too. Right now Samantha is in Mass with a friend of her's. Due back sometime tonight.
At least the kids have been outside, enjoying this weather. It's just too beautiful to be inside.
Owen is so close to crawling. I'm really surprised he isn't yet!!
The boys made a new fort out in the pit and they have spent the last 2 days working on it. It's very cute. I love when they do boy things like this. Except little Samantha is sad because she's not allowed to run all over the pit like the boys are; she has to stay here.
Tonight we are getting a new carpet in our bedroom!!!
Happy Thursday

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so A"MUSE"D said...

ahh more great pics.. Love the one of you and owen together it's so sweet!