Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Half Birthday, Owen!

Owen is 6 months old today! Wow! So hard to believe that he has been with us for a half a year already. How did the time fly by so fast? How did he get so big?
The pictures here were taken today. He is wearing a great shirt I got him that says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my diaper". I love it! And he also has on a brand new diaper that he just got yesterday. It has OBV in the middle- so soft!!

Owen is doing so well. He is really really wanting to crawl, which you can see in the pictures. He is always getting onto all fours now. But most of the time he falls forward and bonks his head- poor little buddy. And it's no use putting him on a blanket, he gets right off of it. He can't crawl, but he gets around. I guess you could say he does a "soldiers crawl" where he drags his body forward on one arm.

He is our little bundle of joy, literally! Always happy, always smiling. We are blessed!!

And-- Happy birthday to Grandma Lorna today! We miss you!

Today Samantha is on a class trip to NYC. She left early this morning and will be home tonight. I'm thankful she is with Sarah and Sarah's dad. I wish I could be there but I know she is in good hands!!
Art has been sick since Saturday, and Sam has been sick since last week. I wasn't even sure Sam would be able to go today but she seemed much better last night. Art still wasn't feeling well last night so we'll see how he is tonight. He hasn't been working on the house because he was sick so he's going to do it tonight.
Last night we got Will's bowling ball drilled, so he excited for his birthday party on Saturday! We also got him new glasses, and we will pick them up tonight!!
Colby is...well, Colby. Nothing new with him.

I need to happy little baby is sad right and I think he needs to go to sleep. Love you, little guy <3

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