Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday update

First let me share these adorable pics of Owen, in my *favorite* outfit!! My friend Laurie sent this to me. He also wore it home from the hospital, and it swam on him then! As much as I want to think he hasn't grown and will stay tiny forever- this outfit is proof that he is getting bigger every day.

And you may notice that *gasp* binky in the first photo? I was going to try and not give him one... but we were shopping at Wal Mart one day, and he was in the sling and was miserable. I ended up buying the binkies, and he was happy as a lark
and even fell asleep. So he has a binky now, but he only gets it when he needs it and cannot nurse... like in the carseat. However, there are times when he is just inconsolable, and doesn't even want to nurse, but the binky calms him down... so he gets it then too. He will let you know when he doesn't want it too... he spits it out, or gags on it...

So today is Friday! And our country made history on Tuesday by electing Obama as our next president. Funny, all of the kids "voted" for him in their mock elections at school, and they
were telling everyone to vote for him!!

Report cards came home today.

I need to brag about Samantha here--- she made president's list! You need to have an average between 95 and 100 to be on there, and her average is a 97! What a snarty pants! She was very proud of herself, as she should be!!
I also had a meeting at the beginning of the week with some of her teachers. They have classified her as a "highly abled learner" in math and they are giving her lots of opportunities to be challenged that are above and beyond what the other students are doing. They are not specifically classifying her as "HAL" in Engligh-Language Arts, but since she reads so much and is really above the other kids, they are planning to do special things for her there too. Let me tell you, it is really nice to go to a meeting hear everyone tell you how wonderful your child is! (like we didn't know!) but really, it's nice.

Will and Colby had great report cards too. School does not come as easily to them as it does to Sam, though. She excels in reading and both boys struggle in reading. But they are both really smart in math like she is. Both score really high and grasp math concepts easily. And they are both "a pleasure to have in class". I wonder if a teacher ever says a child is NOT a pleasure to have in class?? :)

The weather is beautiful! I have been bringing Owen for walks whenever I can because it is so nice out. The other day I brought the kids up to Cumberland to get slushies because I had parent-teacher conferences for the boys and they both went really well. I am loving both of their teachers! Will's teacher seems to genuinely like him-- he has a special nickname for him on account of his mohawk, and he also has money that he gives the kids for good behavior and Will is on the $2 bill! And Colby's teacher is just a sweetheart! I can't wait to see how much Colby grows with her.

I started cleaning out the attic-- who knew we had so much junk?? Half of it is great toys that I am hanging onto for Owen... like the little people, and the lincoln logs, etc. But I honestly found bags of junk... little misc. pieces of nothing! Garbage even! Not real garbage, but nothing we need to be holding onto! Thank goodness the school is collecting items for the holiday bazaar- I will donate a lot! And I'm also giving some away. The dollhouse is going to Braelyn, which makes me a bit sad. I'll never have another little girl to play dollhouse with! But Braelyn has wanted it for a while and I know she'll enjoy it. I also was getting rid of a huge rescue heroes ship, which reminded Colby of all the rescue heroes, so we took them all down and they are currently all over the living room! It's nice to see them being played with though, even by Will! Anyone want junk from my attic? I'll sell it cheap! Ha ha.

Well, need to go cook dinner and do some laundry! Have a great night!

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