Monday, November 10, 2008

Today is Monday

Good evening!! What a nice sound I hear-- nothing!! Silence!! A rare noise on any given evening in my house!
Tonight Art has taken the boys to tae kwon do (thank you, Art!) and Samantha has gone to Sarah's for a little fun. So it's just me and Owen here for about another hour.

This top picture is a bit blurry-- but it's mommy and daddy and Owen and we don't have many of them!!

This second picture is Cool Owen! Those sunglasses were found in the attic (remember the cleaning?) and they are from Build A Bear!
They fit Owen just perfectly and oh boy does he look cute! He didn't even mind wearing them!

The next picture was taken on Saturday. The cousins!! Top row: Colby, Nellie, Samantha, Braelyn... bottom row: Colin holding Owen, and Will. This was taken at Grammy's house after dinner, our Thanksgiving dinner. We had a special dinner because Grammy and Wally will be going to Virginia for Thanksgiving again this year.
It was yummy dinner! It's always nice to get everyone together, and we don't see Mike and Renee nearly enough. During dinner we had a
great political conversation! That's always interesting!

The next picture is little Owen in his Bumbo seat!! Ha ha! I guess he's a little too small for it at this point, but we tried. It makes him look so tiny! He liked looking around for a few minutes, but then he cried and wanted nothing to do with it! But Colby enjoyed it- he wore it on his head like a space helmet for a while!!

And this last picture- I know you all don't recognize it. I know I need to explain. It's a
picture of Samantha and Will *gasp* playing TOGETHER! And GETTING ALONG! I love their smiles-- real smiles! They were playing a game on the computer and I just had to snap a picture because it is so rare!!

So today is Monday. Owen had his one month check up today. So hard to believe he is one month old already... four and a half weeks have gone by fast as lightening. You wait and wait for the baby to be born, and then BAM! he's here for a month and you don't even realize it's been that long!!

Owen's appointment went well. He is now 10 lbs. 3 oz (which puts him in the 50th %) and 23 inches (which is the 90th %).
Just for some fun comparisons, at one month:
Samantha weighed 8 lb 2 oz (smaller than Owen was at birth!) and was 21 1/4 inches long.
Will was 11 lbs. 3 oz and 22 inches (bigger but shorter!)
and Colby was 12 lbs. 6 oz. and 23 inches... so a good 2 pounds bigger than Owen!!
It's so fun to compare their sizes! And I'm really glad Owen is smaller than Will and Colby were- I'm loving my *little* baby!! He just recently outgrew his newborn outfits!! And his newborn diapers. But of course he wears mostly cloth diapers... and he wears newborn sized prefolds and small covers. It won't be long before he moves up a size though!
I'm having a great time with the cloth diapers though! I was amazed at the community out there that CD's! I joined one site, and a woman showed pictures of her son's "stash" and I swear there were 100 diapers!! All different colors and patterns, some with matching hats, some with matching shirts. There are a lot of people out there who use cloth diapers, and I am just learning about all the different types. I just signed Owen up to be a tester for a woman who makes them herself-- I get a diaper at a reduced price! Yeah!! I'll probably keep it simple and do what is easiest and cheapest, but let me tell you-- it is so tempting to go all out and by the COOL diapers!!

I think I'll go downstairs and hang out in the NICE WARM basement by the FIRE!!!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

you have the greatest family Tracy.. and I love seeing pictures and catching up on what you've all been doing.