Monday, November 17, 2008

My 200th Blog Post!

Wow! 200 posts! I didn't realize I'd been at this blog thing for so long!

I haven't updated in a while so I have lot to say!
Owen had his picture taken on 11-12 for his "one month portrait". I was really hoping I wouldn't love them so that I wouldn't spend much money. But oh! I love them so much! I was in a hurry that day, so the photographer took her shots and then emailed them to me. I will go tomorrow and pick them. I think I will buy a few because they are just THAT cute!!

The reason I was in a hurry that day is in the second picture. That is Colby. Doesn't he look like someone punched him in the eye? That is his reaction to poison oak. He and Art were cutting down wood on Sunday, and they both ended up with it. Colby's doesn't exactly itch, but it made his eye swell up! So he had to go to the doctor, and he was put on steroids to get rid of it. As of today, it's still there, but much better.

On Wednesday night Samantha and I went to to dinner at the middle school, where the Kiwanis was thanking the kids in Kiwanis clubs.
Samantha is the secretary for the Builder's Club in the middle school! The teacher who runs their group told me she really wants Sam to be the president next year! I love that club so I'm glad she's a part of it!

Colby had Scouts on Thursday. He was supposed to bring a collection. He brought a garbage bag full of stuffed animals!! And now all of those stuffed animals are on his bed.

He had the Science Fair on Friday night too. His Cub Scout troop did an experiment with sound.
They made "phones" with 2 cups and string. Colby was very proud of his!!
I brought all 4 kids to the fair because Art's arms were so bad. His poison oak is terrible. All over his arms and just oozing puss. It's gross! He has it in other places too, and it's very itchy for him.

Something else exciting happened on Friday-- MY BABY BROTHER was born! Zarek Wayne was born that afternoon. He was 7 lb. 14 oz. We went to visit him on Saturday. No pictures- I didn't bring my camera because I remembered they hadn't wanted me taking pictures when
Kaden was born. We stayed about 1/2 an hour I think. Zarek looks just like Kaden! It's amazing. So much dark hair! And of course he made Owen look so big!

Since we were in Saratoga, we took the kids to a natural spring and let them drink the water. We all decided it was GROSS!! It tasted like iron. Heavy metal. No one took a second sip!

See Owen sitting? He can't really sit, I propped him like that! I just thought he was so cute in all his nakedness!!

And last night we had Grandpa Bill over for a steak dinner in hour of his birthday! Will wittled him a fish out of soap. He was SO PROUD of his fish! And so excited to give it to Grandpa! He loved it, of course. And I have to mention- Will wrapped it all on his own. In newspaper. With staples. Apparently he couldn't find tape! Ha ha. Ingenius.

And another exciting thing-- there is heat in my bedroom now!! Art was able to get heat from the woodstove to the bedroom and the back room! Hurray for Art!!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy another round of great pictures... and the one of owen sitting looks like he's going to try and get into trouble!