Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today is Sunday!

I am sitting here in my bedroom on the computer and it is *warm* in here. Yes, hard to believe, but it is a nice and comfy 72 degrees. Not only is the air coming in from the woodstove... but Art insulated the window and the doors in here... there was a draft coming from the doors that he never really noticed until he sat at the computer himself!!

Went grocery shopping today and somehow managed to keep it at $110. Let's see if that can last us all week! I did have to buy Thanksgiving stuff, but no turkey, we already bought that. He's in our freezer!

As I mentioned, Art insulated our bedroom today. He also cleaned behind the computer and separated all the cords, and tied them up with little zip ties! It is so organized now! Thanks, hon!

Yesterday was a very busy day here.
Big news-- at bowling, Will got a TURKEY!! (For all you non-bowlers, that is 3 strikes in a row). We have always told him, if you get a turkey we will buy you cheese fries. So I bought him cheese fries... (such a rip off-- $5 and you don't even get a whole lot!) He was very proud though and we are proud of him! He is really coming along. Although he does need a new, bigger ball... so we have to get him one.

Then I took my Girl Scouts (and Will) to a tae kwon do place *not the one Will goes to* and they learned some self-defense moves. It was really neat! Will learned some different things and he was happy to show off what he already knew.

Colby didn't go because Grandpa Bill brought him to the movies- the new IMAX theater that opened up at the mall. He saw Madagascar 2.

Last night we went to a basketball game at the high school. It was a charity game-- teachers and staff from the high school versus teachers and staff from the elementary and middle school. The elementary and middle school team won! Which is who we were rooting for, seeing as that's the schools the kids are in! It was a very fun game. I absolutely love high school basketball games-- the crowds, the chants, just the overall atmosphere... And during half time they had a shooting contest... Will got a basket so he won a season pass to the high school home games!

Pictures:: The pictures in this post are:: First, a view of Will and Colby, who were sitting in front of the woodstove. I was standing at the top of the stairs. Where they are sitting is one of the best places-- it is so warm!! You get hot air blowing right on you!
The second picture is Sam and Owen. I love the picture because it relaly looks like Owen-- sometimes I don't think the pictures really like him :-)
And last, Owen, who has recently discovered his hands! He loves his hands. He's always got one in his mouth, trying to eat it. It's very cute! Until he gets hungry and realizes he can't get anything out of it!!

Have you heard of the book "Twilight"? I just read it. I started it Wednesday, and finished it today! What a great book! It's a vampire story. Meant for teens, but certainly held my interest. Samantha is reading it now. I hope she likes it as much as I did. There are 3 more books and I can't wait to read them! There is also the movie of course, but I don't want to see it until I read the books.

That's all for now. HAGD!

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