Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Update!

Colby and Little Samantha made a castle using *all* of the soft blocks! They were so proud, I just had to take their picture. And then of course Colby freaked out if anyone even went near it. It was probably up for a couple of hours before Shea finally knocked it with her tail.
I just had to include this picture on my blog!
I consider this total redneck! Will brought me this flower, and it was wilted on the counter so Art put it in water-- in a beer can! It thrived though, and it's still there 4 days later...

Friday, the first real day of summer vacation, we decided to go to Grafton Lake. It was fun! We went with the Coledas. The kids brought all of our beach toys in the big blue tote, and then ended up dumping them and playing with the tote instead. I thought it was funny that Will kept sitting IN the tote-- when there was a huge lake right nearby! The big tote did end up being the hit of the day though! All the kids at the beach were using it.
Here is a picture of me that Samantha took at the beach. 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant. You can finally see the baby belly!! He's in there, growing fast now.
Samantha's travel softball team had a big tournament over the weekend. They played 3 games on Sunday. The first game, they creamed the other team, 21-6. The second game, which was right after the first, they did awful. They just weren't playing up to par. And halfway through, Samantha was taken out because she wasn't feeling well and was crying. Poor sweetie! She did play the third game (they had 2 hours in between those games) and she did great. Hit a big hit way out past second base- but it was caught. This was a good game. They kept the score tied, and had to go into 2 extra innings. Unfortunately, the other team won by one.
On Sunday they played again at 9 a.m. This was a really good game. They played against Brewster. We were ahead for most of the game... Samantha hit a nice long hit that let two runners get home!!! That was probably the highlight of the game! (to me, anyways) In the end, Brewster won by one run... so they were out of the tournament. Oh well. Really, Sam needed a day of rest!
The boys spent the weekend with Grammy and Wally at Grammy's camp. That was fun for them- I don't think they've ever gone without Samantha. Grammy said they didn't fight at all. Hmm... not sure if I believe that one!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Great photos.. and I think that is the perfect vase! And another rocking song on your blog..Lisa Loeb's Stay!!

Diana said...

Fun pics - you look great!