Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Update!

Gee, I didn't realize it's been so long since I've updated this blog!

Today is Wednesday, June 11, 2008. We just got out of a major heat wave- it hit 100 degrees yesterday! Thank goodness we have the pool set up. Even I have been in it twice (and that's quite a site with the belly, believe me!)

Here are a couple of pictures to share. The top one I just thought was so cute. Colby and Shea were asleep on our bed. Colby looks so comfy and Shea of course is loving being there. I really need to find a way to get Colby to sleep all night in his own bed!

The second picture is of Will last week playing tug o war with the boy scouts. He was so cute! Everyone kept yelling "Pull, Will!" and when they won (because the always did) the boys would run up and hug Will! It really made him feel good. I tried to get a picture of his "tough" face but it was too hard to catch.

And the last picture is a belly picture. This is 23 weeks. It's there, really it is.
Baby is doing well. Moving around a lot. Causing me a lot of grief- I won't complain, but I'll tell you, I could do without the constant heartburn, the painful leg cramps, the constant backaches, and the insomnia! But honestly, feeling the baby move makes it all worth it!

Other things... Samantha's softball team is doing awesome! Her rec team had their first playoff game last night and they "won"... although it was just a formality because the other team forfeited. But they still move on, next game is Friday.

I am throwing a surprise birthday party for Colby on Saturday (he has no idea) and wouldn't you know the championship game for softball is the same day/time? I almost hope they lose, how bad is that?

And I to see Kaden on Sunday because it was my dad's birthday!! He is so darn cute! I wish I had brought my camera because he was adorable. We are going to see him again on the 21st for his 1st birthday. Hard to believe he's gonna be a year old. Even harder to believe he's going to be a big brother!!! And an uncle at the same time!

Have a fun Wednesday! :)


ginafiorito said...

I love the pic of your baby belly. are you *sure* there is a baby in there?? :) hey how do you create the thing that allows you to link easily to other people's blogs where it just says "Jen's blog" or whatever??? email it to me! :)

so A"MUSE"D said...

Love your itty bitty baby bump. And that first picture is great of Will Love it!

so A"MUSE"D said...

umm yeah duh that picture is of Colby sleeping.. my bad!