Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Art! And my Dad! And my Father in Law!
We had a fun, and very busy day today! It all began at 9:30 a.m., when we were out the door to begin our day! We had to be in Brunswick by 10:30 for Samantha's travel team games. She played once at 11 and again at 1. So far so good! The first game ended at 18 to 4 (EG Express won!) and the second game ended at 11 to 4 (EG Express won again!) Which means they are undefeated at this point! How exciting! And Samantha played awesome- of course! In both games, while playing 3rd base, she got players out! It is really amazing to watch her play and especially when plays well!! It's nice to hear her coach praise her, too. And he rewards their wins with ice cream, so she really scored!! The games were amazing! Hot, very very hot, but amazing. And apparently I bought inferior sunblock because we all ended up burned in some spots. Thank goodness the ball field had a pavilion, we discovered that finally and sat in some shade! And the boys found some kids to play with too, that was nice, because they were driving us crazy with their fighting and arguing.
After Sam's games, we had to go right to Colby's last teeball game. How bittersweet that it is ending already. We did stop home and picked up the easy-up and Shea and brought them both with us. Let me tell you, we were very popular people with the easy-up! And I got some cute pictures of Colby playing and posing for me! He already says he is going to play next year.
And what do you think of these pictures? Colby is loving his new cowboy hat and so we decided to take a bunch of pictures of us all wearing it! I love the picture Art took of me! And I think he looks so cute in the one of him! And Colby, everyone kept saying he could be in the Huck Finn's Warehouse Commercials! He's such a cutie!
We ended the evening by bringing Art's dad out for dinner. Did I mention he was with us all day for the games? Yes, I'm sure we tired him out!! But it was great having him with us, the kids really love hanging with him. At one point they were playing frisbee and the frisbee flew on top of a building, so they went and found a ladder and got it!! I would have just left it!
So now we are burned and tired so I am headed to bed. Have a great night!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Fantastic photos.. you all look great in that hat!

Katrina said...

That sounds like a very busy but wonderful Father's Day. I love the photos of you all in the hat.

rmeyfe said...

Cute pictures of you all with the hat!!!

Hillary said...

Love the pic of your little guy....he's so adorable. :) And his freckles rock. i'm guessing he has some red hair??? i love red hair. :)

Wendy said...

Great pictures!!