Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Congrats to Samantha!!

Today was the last day of school. Samantha finished 5th grade, and they had a slide show/awards presentation. I had no idea what to expect, but of course I went.
Well, the first thing they did was have two students get up and present a project they did that the ELA teacher praised highly...and it was Sam and her friend Hunter! Very cool! She was also given a certificate for participating in Student Council this year. AND- she was recognized for starting a reading club, and then given an award for reading 100 books!! As if that wasn't enough, she was given awards because:
She had the **highest average** in her homeroom for both science and ELA. And she had the **second highest** average in her homeroom for math and social studies!!
I am so so so proud of her! What a smart cookie I have. And of course, we all know she gets it from me! Ha ha ha.
On another note, the EG Express, her travel softball team, played a game last night against the Classie Lassies, another local team who are supposedly the best. Both teams were undefeated last night. And I'm sure you can guess, that Sam's team won! So Sam's team is still undefeated! How awesome!
Speaking of softball, she is going to be in a very long tournament this weekend. On Saturday she has games at 9, 11 and 3.... and depending on how they did will determine when/how many games they play on Sunday! Oy!!
Thank goodness my mom has offered to take the boys to her camp this weekend. So Art and I can just enjoy watching Sam play and not worry about the boys being terribly bored!
Will had his first summer bowling last night. He bowled a 90, a 99 and 109. Great job Will! He also met quite a few new friends, which is always a plus.
I ran into Avianna and Deyanna at the awards ceremony today. Oh my goodness, they are so stinking cute!! Seeing them made me really miss them. And Deyanna gave me the longest hug/cuddle. I couldn't pick up Avi though... poor girl weighs way too much for me to pick up right now.
And someone please stop me-- I am getting addicted to ebay!! They have so many adorable little boy outfits on there!! And seeing as there are only 98 days until our due date, this little guy needs some clothes!! Samantha is partial to ducks right now, so we are getting lots of little duck outfits. They are so so so cute. This will be one well-dressed little fellow!
Now if we could only decide on a name for good!!!
As I mentioned, school is over... the boys both got great teachers next year. Sam is disappointed with hers but I heard from other parents that he is great so I'm not worried. Can't believe my son is going to middle school next year!! How did that happen??? I really really hope his teacher likes him and is good with him....
Happy Thursday!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Ahh ebay is a wonderful thing especially if you can get it cheap! I am so excited about the baby, can't wait to see him!