Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still Undefeated!

Samantha had a double-header game last night for her travel team. They played both games against Pine Bush. In the first game, Sam's first time at bat, she hit a triple! That was a great game for us, they ended the game early because of the mercy rule, we were up 13-2 and there was no way the other team could catch up at that point.
The second game was much closer... both teams played great! In the end though, Sam's team won- 11 to 6.
Will's friend Matthieu commented: "Sam is 11, she's number 11, and they scored 11". Cute.
Colby found this cute little frog at the ball field.

And I decided, just because I'm such a great mom/babysitter (!) that what better thing to do on the first day of summer vacation when you have six kids, then go to a dairy farm on a library field trip? Yes, I packed all the kids in the van and went to Peter's Dairy Farm in Castleton. The above picture pretty much tells you everyone's reaction. It SMELLED! Awful!
We got to see cows, baby ones and older ones, chickens and roosters and ducks, and pigs, babies and mommas. I don't know who smelled worse- the pigs or the cows. Either way, I'm glad I never had to live on a farm. Yuck! Although I suppose you would get used to it....
We were able to watch a cow being milked, and Will really seemed interested in that. In fact, he seemed to like the whole trip. Sami and Nick did too, apart from the smell!
It was fun- a nice outing, and they gave us free ice cream so it was well worth putting up with the stench. Ha ha ha.


Shirley said...

WooHoo!! Congratulations on the win! Love the cute little baby frog and the field trip sounds like tons of fun!

so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy would you believe me if I told you, you'd get used to the smell... really you would!