Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lovely Saturday!

This is just a really cute picture I took of Nick on Thursday! Thursday was Will's field day at school. Here is a picture of him and his best friend, Elijah. The day was great, no too hot and (like it was earlier in the week!) and no too cold (like it was for Colby's field day). We could not have asked for anything better. And oops, I forgot the sunblock and Will and I got sunburned.

Today we threw a "surprise" birthday party for Colby. We didn't actually say "surprise" but he didn't know about it at all until the kids started showing up. I thought 6 was a nice, small number of friends to invite... and then 2 extras stayed... and wow! 10 boys in all!! Between the pool and the trampoline and the hose they stayed pretty well occupied though. It was fun.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. We woke up to rain. And as soon as the party was ending, it started thundering! Perfect timing!

Here is an awesome picture of Colby in his new cowboy hat, doesn't he look so ADORABLE?

Well, Samantha's rec team won their game last night and made it to the championship game today. But they lost by 2 points. Oh well... I think it's awesome that they made it that far!!! And it's not like we don't have lots more softball in our future. We have two games tomorrow for the travel team!

We just watched "Mr. Bean's Holiday" (dumb) and Sam has a friend sleeping over. All of the kids are downstairs. I really hope they go to bed soon!!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Ahh what great pictures.. and sounds like you had a very fun filled weekend!

Katrina said...

Colby looks just adorable in that hat. What a fun weekend you all had.