Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Update

Today was Opening Day for Girl's Softball! It started off with a parade, which we had to be at by 7:30 in the morning (boo!) And thinking the weather was going to be as nice as it has been lately, we dressed accordingly... shorts and capris. Well, it was very chilly....and rainy! Grammy and Wally came to the parade and sat with us at LaBella's to watch. It was very hard to get a picture of Sam walking :(
At 10 she had her first game... so yes, we were at the field all that time! The parade actually went from 8 until 9 (taking into account all the talking and announcements they had to make)... and then since we were there, the girls practiced from 9-10.
The game was great... Sam made the first hit for her team (although she got out, but it was a great hit, unfortunately she hit it *right* to first base). And she also got to PITCH an inning! That was exciting! She's been practicing pitching but has never been able to actually do it. She was great! Got a couple of strike outs! And her coach commented that she was the best pitcher because she only threw 2 balls and lots of strikes!
Their team won!! 5-2! What a great first game!
AND-- the sun came out around the middle of the game, the rain went away and it was beautiful!
In other news... Art is at my brother's house right now helping him put in a hot water heater. It's really great for all of us that he is as handy as he is!!
And....remember Lie Lie the Gecko? Yesterday she laid an egg! I was quite surprised to find it there in her cage. I had to look it up on the internet (thank God for the internet!) but I found out that geckos do lay eggs regularly and that it was probably unfertilized. Oh well, it was neat to look at anyway! And my friend Raye told me that geckos don't usually lay eggs unless they are very comfortable... so that makes us feel good!
Also, Lie Lie is shedding. Pretty neat to watch! And our very own Samantha knows a lot about this from school, so she is our "expert"!!
Colby just informed me that our heron is back... that really pretty bird that lives on the island of the pond. He's watching it through binoculars... how cool is that?
Not much else going on. This beautiful weather has really got me in the mood for spring cleaning! The kids aren't too happy about it though!
Have a fun Saturday!


Jenn said...

Hey there Tracy!! Congrats on the baby!! Can't believe i missed this. Been lost in my own world over here. Looks like you've been busy as usual. i hope everyone is doing well.

so A"MUSE"D said...

Ahh isn't that sweet that you have an egg! Kids must have been excited!