Monday, May 5, 2008

Colby started tee-ball!

On Saturday May 3rd Colby has his first game of teeball, and the opening day parade! He was so adorable! The day started off rainy, and we were worried that they were going to cancel the game. But no, they were troopers and played! It actually stopped raining before the game even started!

Tee ball is cute... everyone bats until they hit the ball, and they all run around the bases. They *can* get each other out, but most of them have no clue how to do that, and if they do, they aren't quick enough.

However- when Colby played first base, the ball came right to him, and he got the player out! It was the only out in the whole game! Go, Colby!!

Samantha also had a game on Saturday... she pitched again! She is really enjoying pitching, and she is pretty good! So, Sam!

On Saturday Will went bowling with his friend Elijah, and scored a 180! Wow, Will! That is his highest ever! Elijah's mom was pretty impressed with Will's bowling ability- he got strikes and spares all in a row! I'm glad he got the chance to bowl, his summer bowling doesn't start until the end of June.

And Little Bean is doing well. Next Tuesday May 13 is the BIG ultrasound! All of the kids and Daddy are going to go. We're really hoping we find out the gender of Little Bean! And I've hit a milestone- only 150 days left until my due date!!
Baby has been moving more and more. I mostly feel it when I lay down to go to bed. And it's always in the same spot so I'm eager to see the ultrasound and see the position of the baby... I'm pretty sure it's feet are on the lower left side of my belly. One night I was able to push on my belly and feel it hit me back... but usually it's just a kick here and there. Exciting!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Katrina said...

All the children are doing great at their respective sports. Well done!

Have fun at the ultrasound!

so A"MUSE"D said...

I am so excited about that darn ultrasound appt...only one day now!