Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We put up our trampoline!

We finally convinced Daddy to put up the trampoline, and we're so glad he did! Last week, with no school and high temps, was the perfect time to do it. The kids have been jumping on it every single day... including the cousins, the kids in the neighborhood, the babysitting kids, Daddy, and even Uncle Mike!
It only took Daddy a few hours to put it together (although it was held up for a whole day because the directions were wrong and he had to un do all of the springs and move them down about 5 notches! Ugh!), The boys helped a little.

The trampoline is great exercise! The kids love to jump. Will has taught himself to do a front flip... Sam has almost perfected it, and Colby is working on it.

In other news, the weather has been awesome! 70s and hot. The kids have gotten lots of outside time. We had to buy sunblock last week because Will and Art both got a sunburn.

We even got to have our first "barbeque"... Art made his yummy burgers and we had company over to share dinner and eat outside. The kids really love to eat outside!

Softball and tee ball are about to start... both have opening days and parades coming up! And both Samantha and Colby are PURPLE and they both hate that!!
Sam is doing great at softball, they even pulled her aside last practice and had her work on her pitching. Not sure if they'll actually use her or not though as they already have a couple of pitchers.
And Colby says tee ball is "fun" which is a big improvement over soccer, which he hated after the first practice!! He likes to run and hit the ball. He's the oldest kid on the team so he does really well.
I felt the baby move yesterday, and it felt like it went and did a little somersault!! What an awesome feeling that is! It's hard to believe that I am 16 weeks along already. We have set up an appointment for May 13th for the "big ultrasound"! All of the kids will be coming along to find out if they are getting a brother or a sister!

Enjoy your Earth Day!!

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Wendy said...

Looks like an awesome day! It's so awesome to feel the baby move!! :)