Monday, April 14, 2008

Look at what Will got!! He got some money for his birthday, and he wanted a "lizard". We went to the pet store on Saturday and got this cool leopard Gecko. Will is calling her "Lie Lie" (because- he says- all she does is lie around!). She's a cool little pet. I didn't realize though that we had to also take care of crickets and then feed her crickets, ugh! But Will is enjoying his new pet and job and so all is cool. This morning he told me a cricket escaped in his room. Lovely!!!

On Saturday Will also had his bowling banquet. He got two trophies- the tall one is because his team came in 1st place during the 1st half of the season. And the smaller is for coming in 2nd place at the high-low competition.
He also got a bunch of patches for different scores, he got a perfect attendance award (with a $10 movie card!), a pin for beating the coach, and he also got a patch and pin for having the most improved average! That really surprised me because there are a few other kids on the team who have come a long way... I'm glad they recognized Will for that because he really has been doing so well.
It's weird that bowling is over. He is doing a summer league, it starts in June.

And look at these cute boys! They took their tae kwon do tests on Friday night and they both advanced to high green!! Congrats, guys! A funny thing happened, though. Parents have to fill out these sheets on their kids before the test. It asked questions like do they listen at home? have they improved? and the such. Well, Art filled them out so I didn't even know what he put. Well.... Master Pai called Colby up in front of everyone and asked him why doesn't he clean his room? And when Colby said his room wasn't clean, Master told him he had to go home and clean his room, and call him by 9 o'clock to tell him his room was clean!! And they also called Will up, asked him if does what his parents ask him the first time and he answered "sometimes" which made a lot of people chuckle.
Colby DID clean his room, and called Master Pai...



so A"MUSE"D said...

Cool! Love the new lizard. And the boys must be so proud of their new belts.

Wendy said...

Very cool! Sounds like the boys are doing great!

HistoryMom said...

Lie Lie seems adorable!