Saturday, April 12, 2008

Road Rash!

Colby tried taking the dog for a walk last Monday... but he dog ended up pulling Colby down the road...
Poor Colby has terrible road rash! Here are pictures that were taken on Monday... you can see on his face where it is around his eye, you can also see on his left arm where it is. It was such a big area on his arm! And he's left handed too, which made things a bit difficult because he was really babying his arm.
He also got road rash on his shoulder, his knuckles, his wrist and his knee.
Samantha was a great nurse, she brought him inside and started cleaning him up right away-- and trying to get him to laugh the whole time so he would stop crying. She's such a great big sister!

And yesterday both boys tested in tae kwon do and advanced to the next level- they are now "high green". Congrats, boys! They did sparring and I have to say, Will did really awesome! He was punching and kicking and actually knocked down his opponents a few times! go Will!!!

Well, we're off to a bowling banquet. So hard to believe bowling is totally done for the year. Perhaps Will will get a trophy????

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Wendy said...

Poor guy! Hope he heals quickly!