Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Look at Will!!

Will got his glasses last night! He looks so adorable- lots of people think he looks "older". I wonder what he thinks? I know he likes them- he was super excited to pick them up last night. We got them at Wal Mart... he HAD to have Nintendo glasses, and they had them there. Saved us a little money, I'm sure. Now I just hope he is able to keep them safe and not lose them or break them!!!
Another typical night at the Leahon household. Colby has a soccer game at 6:30, and Samantha has softball pratice at 6. I hate splitting the family up but what else can you do?
It's turned into a beautiful day. Hopefully the rain will hold off until after his game.
I gave my sister my Cricut last week and she is giving me the one she ordered (which didn't come until AFTER her weekend away)... it's in now! So I will pick it up after Colby's game, since the soccer field is about 30 seconds from her house! I'm excited!!
Have a great Tuesday!

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