Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy (day late) Mother's Day!

Mother's Day for me started off a bit rough, but ended woderfully. Art and the kids brought me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant (Outback) and I got flowers and cards. The handmade ones were the best. Will wrote on his "I like the way you're nice to me" and then "You are 100 times as nice as Sam". :) I got quite a chuckle with that one!!
I also got tickets to see Nickleback and Daughtry on my birthday in July! How cool! I hope it's nice weather!

Colby lost his second tooth over the weekend. It was so loose when he was going to bed... we just had to pull it out. He was very happy to find that dollar under his pillow!

His birthday party is this Saturday so I have tons to do to get ready for that. Gotta go watch 24 now!!!

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