Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13

October is definitely here in NY. Yesterday we woke up and it was freezing cold! (well, about 40) I gave in and turned the heat on... only to have Art tell me later that the furnace was turned off!! Oh well. I drank lots of hot cocoa yesterday.
I heard a little rumor that snow is on its way here soon... not sure how I feel about that!
Yesterday was Columbus Day...no school. The kids had a good day. There were a few extra kids here, so Colby had some kids to play with. Sam and Will slept a lot of the day because they went to bowling alley's Lock In from 11 pm on Sunday till 7 am on Monday, and neither of them slept while they were there. Also yesterday, Will went on a 3-mile hike with his boyscout troop. He was definitely tired by last night!
I took a picture of Colby yesterday...outside wearing shorts, a teeshirt, a hat and gloves. He just doesn't like pants!
Owen loves to be outside, so I've been trying to get him out more and more. He loves balls and sticks and anything he can touch. Mostly he likes to eat rocks though so we really need to keep an eye on him.

I have been lucky lately. I won a new diaper here and I won something off of Hyena Cart... but it's going to be a gift so I can't link it here. I love these raffles/auctions/giveaways!

Art is almost done working nights... we are all happy about that one!!!

Happy Oct 13.

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Winter was here.. we had frost on the ground several days!