Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful weather!!!

Yesterday was another gorgeous day. We spent a lot of time inside because Will was home sick. But in the afternoon I decided it was too nice to stay in any longer. I'm glad we got out because it was perfect playing weather.
Owen loves the neighbor's goKart... and he's big enough to sit on it now!! Adrianna of course wanted in on the action, so we put her on too. I love the picture of him looking at her like 'I didn't realize you were back there!'

Samantha and I were able to go to clogging last night!! I missed 'my' class, but I was able to go into another room and learn a dance while Sam was in the beginner class. And another girl was there, with 2 little kids, trying to learn the same dance. She said 'join our group! It would be nice to have another MOM around and not just teens'. Hee hee. I just may join them.

There was a couple there who are missionaries to Bolgaria. Apparently they teach the kids clogging. They had a laptop with them of pics taken there and they were so sad. The kids were adorable- but the living conditions were just horrible. I think being a missionary would be neat, but I'd want to rescue all of those kids.

Makes me even happier to have the four I have!

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