Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday

Sorry, I've fallen behind on updating the blog again...
Colby is now 8 years old!! He got a new bike for his birthday and is enjoying riding it in the nice weather. We haven't yet figured out a birthday party for him yet, though...
So it's almost the end of May and that is just disturbing! How did that happen? School is almost over, summer is about to begin... and I don't remember where April went!

Samantha is doing well. She was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society (did I already mention that?) I put a video of that up on my facebook page. She is well into softball now, except that her team isn't very good... right now they are at 3 (losses) 2 (wins). She is missing a game now for a birthday party. She also has decided to join the travel team again! She was talked into it by the other girls on the team, and the coach. Nice...two years in a row she is asked to be on the team!!
Her Girl Scout troop has also bridged to cadettes now.

Will is doing great. He is such a nice, helpful boy! The other day he cleaned his and Colby's room all by himself, with no prompting! It was wonderful! Now he says he and Colby need to "make their beds everyday"... let's see how long that lasts! Will is not in any sports right now (except tae kwon do) but he is staying busy just following everyone else around! ha ha.
Right now he is at the church helping to serve a ham dinner. He loves to do that, he was excited to go! Sam is going too. They are trying to raise money to go to Camp Fowler this summer.

Colby is good. Eight years old! Wow. His baseball is in full gear. Of course he had to get a coach who is very gung-ho on baseball! Two practice a week, two hours each. And two games a week too. Right now they have Colby trying to be a catcher because it keeps him focuses. He likes it so far!

Owen is good too. I posted a pic of a close up of his mouth. I don't know how well you can see it, but the other day he fell and cut his frenulum, and also took part of the gum off of his one front tooth! The dr. says we have to wait and see if the tooth becomes discolored to see if there is nerve damage. Great.
Owen is a mover. He keeps us on our toes. He is crawling all over, and standing whenever possible. That's how he hurts his mouth. He pulls up on something and then falls. He is bloody probably once a day. Always in his mouth. He even has a bruise on his chin right now. I'm seriously considering removing the coffee and end tables from the living room. I hate when he hurts himself...
And he's crawling so fast. And he loves anything long...ribbons, strings, cords... so we really have to watch him.

Art and I are doing well. We got to go on a date to see Dane Cook and that was a really fun time!!
He is still working on the house. Ugh. I'm so ready for that house to be done with. Wish him luck in FINISHING it soon. I don't see an end in sight yet.

Mike and Renee had their baby a little over a week ago. Welcome Leah Lynn!! Sam and I went to visit her, and she is so so tiny! Hard to believe Sam was the same size. 5 pounds really is very small!! She's so adorable. But of course she slept most of our visit, and Mike and Renee spent more time visiting with Owen!! He is so big compared to Leah. His legs look 5 times as thick as hers!

Well, we're headed to work on the house. Happy Saturday!

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Wendy said...

Look at those teeth! I cant believe he's that old already!