Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sometimes Art says I take too many pictures. When it comes time to upload some to my blog, I realize he is right, because there are so many to choose from!! But oh well, I just like pictures!
Today is Tuesday. I have to run to the post office, do some Girl Scout paperwork, and go to Samantha's game tonight. I think we're going to sneak the boys away to tae kwon do too so they don't fall behind. I hope the weather is nice. It's a bit chilly now, but they say by Thursday it will get in the upper 80s! Woo hoo! That excites me, as I sit here in jeans and a sweatshirt thinking of making some hot cocoa!
Tonight is also the Strawberry Festival and school budget vote. Gotta do that too...
Tomorrow Samantha has an appoitment with an orthopedist. Wish her luck. Her knees are really bothering her lately and they have to be checked out. I hope we haven't waited too long. I'm not sure what they're going to do, but hopefully they won't say she can't play softball! I sent a note to school asking them to excuse her from gym because the running really hurts her. Oy.
In some of the pictures above, Owen is eating a popsicle. I ran out of 100% juice ones that I made myself... and he was only eating it because he fell and hit his head and was SO upset... you can see the red on his forehead in the pics. That is now a bruise. He's bruised and scratched all over. And the fun begins!
He is a crawling pro now... and he has discovered that there is more to the house than just the living room! He especially loves the hallway. I have to remember to close every door. Sometimes I block the hallway with the big box. The big boxes are our friends now!! all the kids love them!
Gotta get to work! Happy Tuesday!

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