Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last week Colby's Cub Scout troop took a "walk in the woods" and Colby and Art loved it. So on Sunday Art decided we should all go on the same walk together.
Samantha was still at camp with Grammy, so it as just the 5 of us.
Here is me and the boys on a little bridge.
Mind you, this was no "walk". This was a HIKE! And not just any hike... we had to walk over this bridge, over some trees... at one point I was on my *knees* to keep branches out of Owen's face!
This is a tree we had to walk across. Yes, I did that with Owen on my back!!! (and Art helping me)
mommy and Owen 
Owen rode in style!! He actually fell asleep a little into the walk and slept half way. It was very hot though and boy was my back sweaty!!
The hike ended in this beautiful waterfall!! We had to climb down a very steep hill to get there. It was so pretty! And sounded so nice too!!
The boys by the water! They really liked it down there. They put their feet in, and they threw rocks in. Shea came with us too and she loved going in the water, and the boys were throwing her sticks and she would get them and bring them back.

As *hard* as the walk was (and kinda scary too) it was lots of fun and worth it!


On Friday night Art and I had a date night and went out to Outback. It was so much fun! Owen went too of course but he was great. Art gave him butter and he hated it.
On Saturday I took the kids up to my mom's camp... but I had to leave a few hours into it because I was really sick. I left Sam there until Monday.
on Sunday we did our hike.
On Monday we went to the Castleton Memorial Day parade- the boys rode their bikes. Afterwards we walked through the cemetary and saw the headstone of a couple who died together, they were 16 and 20... it was sad but romantic. Their picture was on the headstone too.
Then our neighborhood had a block party. That was lots of fun! The kids had a ball and Owen got lots of attention. I love stuff like that.

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Looks like a great hike.. and you got awesome photos! I cannot believe how big your boys are getting!