Monday, March 2, 2009


Good evening, all!
Yesterday they said on the news that we should expect a snowstorm, possibly 8 inches of snow. But we woke up to *nada*. It did snow on and off all day though, and now it is snowing even more!! My meeting was cancelled tonight, so it was just me and Owen for a while because Sam is at a friend's house and the boys went to tae kwon do.

We are busy getting paperwork together for Art to bring to the tax guy tomorrow. I miss doing them myself, but it's better this way, with the extra house and all.

Speaking of the other house... it's March 2nd...and nothing!!! It looks like we'll be looking for new tenants soon...

Kids are well. Will is in the middle of state math testing. Hooray. He says it's easy!! Colby has an appointment tomorrow to get sealants on his teeth... wish him luck, last time he threw up when they tried to do it! So of course now he is scared...
And while we're out I may swing by my mom's house and pick up a phone to use until we get another one... Art threw the phone in the garbage! On purpose... it wasn't working wouldn't hold a charge. Anyone know where to find a nice new cheap phone?? The answering machine still works so if you call, leave a message so we know who you are!!!

Sam is growing up... her new thing.. she's BEGGING for a cell phone. Oy.

We rented the movie "Fireproof" so we're off to watch it. Isn't that nice of Art to rent a movie *I* want to see? :)


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