Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!
We had a beautiful weekend this past weekend!! I can't be sure of the temps...I'm thinking 40s? But the sun was shining and it was just beautiful outside. On Saturady morning Owen, Samantha and I took a quick walk while the boys were at bowling. And then Owen and I took a LONG walk with my neighbor Barb and her little guy Aiden. We walked to the buffalo farm and back... two moms with their babies in mai teis... it was great! Long, but great.
Samantha has been babysitting, she babysit for one family on Thursday and another on Saturday. I thought maybe she'd want to save for a cell phone but apparently not!
Bowling is going well, just 2 weeks left. That's a bummer because Will really enjoys it. We do plan on signing him up for the short summer league...
Basketball is officially over. Will has one last game this weekend but since it interferes with bowling we've decided to have him not play. So aside from the 2 parties Will and Sam will most likely have, basketball is over.
Good timing too, because softball (and baseball too I'm assuming) are about to start. Samantha found out that a couple of coaches were fighting to have her on their team!! Hopefully the one that won will be a good team for Sam, we're a little nervous.
Our Girl Scouts went to the International Fair on Sunday and again had a great time! This year we represented the Bahamas!
Today we are handing in an application for Samantha to possibly be in the Maple Hill Middle School Chapter of the Junior National Honor Society!!! I am so proud of her to even be nominated for it. Let's keep our fingers crossed for her!
Will is really loving chess still... we took some books out of the library and so he's learned a few little tricks. This morning I beat him though!! (He usually beats me)
Colby is practicing to be in a Lip Sync show next week. They're doing "Rubberband Man" but he won't show me, he says it's a surprise. It feels odd not to be involved in it, but it's a great group of moms and I'm sure it will be very cute!
Samantha is staying home sick today, poor kid. She doesn't get sick often.
In just TWO WEEKS Will will turn 10 years old!! WOW!

Happy Wednesday again!

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Wendy said...

He is getting so big!