Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello! I'm not sure if Blogger changed its format? I thought it was a new browser I was using make it look wonky. But now I'm in firefox and it's doing the same thing? Weird.

So... we are still here and doing well!! As you can see in the pictures, the kids have been having a ball. I'll try and do an update from last week as it's been over a week since I last posted. So sorry! It takes a little effort on my part to upload my pics onto here because it requires me using the old computer, then transferring them to the external hard drive, and then uploading them here! Not too terribly hard but just not easy :)

Last week we had beautiful weather! I had Owen outside on a blanket and he was happy. Except it was hard for him to be on his belly because the front yard has a slight incline. He liked it better propped on his belly. So much to look at, and you can see that he is listening to the birds. Very cute!! The picture of his big smile with the blue background was taken outside!

The trampoline has been very popular with the neighborhood kids! We limit them to 4 at a time usually, but I had to take a picture of the whole gang! I love the fact that kids come to our house to play. I like it much better when I can see my kids, know who they are playing with, know where they are, and listen to what they are saying. Sometimes that means we have to have annoying kids at our house but I'll accept that!!

Speaking of neighborhood kids, there are new kids that have recently moved in and they've really taken a liking to Will! We are so happy! One of them is Jordan. (There is a picture of Jordan giving Will rabbit ears). Jordan is a sweet kid. He slept over this past weekend. He gets along great with Will, and Colby too. Although he is never without his twin sister, and sometimes his older and younger brothers as well!! It's a madhouse when they are here...but again, I accept it!!

Another boy moved in up the road, and his name is Aldin. So far he doesn't go to this school, but I think he will next year. He always comes around to play with Will. I don't know why Will has always had such a hard time with friends... but it's so nice to see them show up all the time looking for him!!!

Last Friday our Girl Scouts went to Midnight Bowling. 10-12. Talk about Mommy being tired!! And Sam had stayed home sick from school on Wed and Thurs before so I wasn't sure we would go. I'm glad we did- it was a blast. I bowled, horribly of course. Sam was a great sport-- she played some games and won some prizes.

On Friday morning we also went to the Student of the Month breakfast. Sam and Sarah both got awards!!

Over the weekend, poor Owen had a fever. It was pretty high, at night, I could feel it. But all day he was okay, and then sick again at night. Only two nights. I know he is teething because I can see a little white thing on his gums trying to come through. For the most part he's handling it very well... lots of drool and gnawing on everything!! But only 2 hard nights so far. And ONLY wanting Mommy. (That's okay with me too!)

I went with my sister and Renee to register for Renee's baby shower on Saturday! How fun!! Baby stuff is so cool!! It's fun to ooh and aaah over everything. Especially the girl stuff!

I bought Owen some knit wool longies... actually, they are supposed to be shorties but they fit him as longies now. They are green and yellow striped, they are in the one picture taken on St Pat's day. They were perfect for that!! I love these... but I need to figure out how to clean them. Apparently you can put them over a diaper and they are a cover of sorts, and they keep the wetness away! I'm learning all these new things and loving it. My next thing is I want to learn to knit my own!

Notice all the green shirts on St Patty's day???

Mr. Marcy came over and told Owen "Happy name day"... I had 'forgotten' his middle name was Patrick!

So... no money for the house, so we are officially in eviction mode. It is set for next Monday at 10 am. Don't get me started on that: Art has to take the day off of work, do all the work himself quickly, and pay the police $200 to be there. This is so ridiculous!! But it will be worth it...someday!

Owen is so cute in his exersaucer! He bounces and bounces and makes all the balls shake and make noise! And he laughs!!!

Well, now he is crying so I'm going to go get him. Happy Thursday!

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