Friday, February 6, 2009

We're back!!

Well, we didn't go anywhere, of course... but it has been a while since I've updated this blog. I will get to that in a minute, but first things first:

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BABY BROTHER ZAREK. Zarek is just 12 weeks old. He is in the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. He has pneumonia and bronchiolitis. While doing an x-ray, the drs. found a huge mass that has caused one of his lungs to collapse, and has caused his esophogus to become twisted. Next Friday he has an appt. at Albany Med. I'm not really sure what will happen. PLEASE keep him in your thoughts and prayers. And my dad too, he is having a hard time with this. As is expected. I can only imagine how it feels to have your baby go through. Zarek is not much younger than Owen, and I know it would be so hard for us if that was Owen.

So what have we been up to, you ask, that has caused me to neglect my blog? Well, I know the last time I posted I mentioned that I had had a stomach bug. Well, that stomach bug managed to go all through our house and come back to me again... lasting almost 2 weeks. I also caught a cold that left me congested and very tired. The kids did really well when they were sick. Thankfully Owen never caught it.

We are all doing better now! No more sickness. And Price Chopper had a great sale on Lysol so I've been spraying away!

I'll try and go backwards so I don't forget much. I should mention first that Art is working right now-- at 11 am... yes, he's back on the day shift for today. It's wonderful, although I do miss having him here! I can't wait till he's home tonight and we can have dinner together again!

Basketball is still in full swing, although I'm pretty sure it is getting near the end now. I don't even know, I haven't even looked ahead-- I just go day to day! The kids love their teams and are all enjoying playing so it's nice. But as it always goes, Samantha is already signed up for softall in the spring and this weekend we're signing Colby up for baseball. It never ends!!

The boys are still excelling at bowling. Will has been doing great- around 120/130. Hopefully he'll bring his average back up. And Colby does great too. Will needs a new ball though, and reminds us every time we go to bowling!!

Last week we had some friends over on the ice to go skating. The weather was great, not too cold, and they had a blast. Even the kids who didn't have skates used sleds. We had to buy Will new skates but they'll at least be used by Colby and Owen someday. Colby needs skates, Art thought his fit him but they really didn't... he was able to use Sam's old skates though so who cares!! We love having the pond to skate on. The kids have been out a few times. They even met some new friends who came to the pond to skate. Hopefully they'll be out a few more times before it melts. That's the only reason I'm liking the cold weather!!
I took the kids to tour the new Castleton Elementary School the other night. Wow! It's huge! It was empty of course...they are moving every thing in the next couple of weeks. But Colby got to see where his room is, and all the special rooms, so it was good for him. His grade had toured it earlier in the day so he was my guide.

I feel like the boys have missed a lot of tae kwon do lately because I didn't bring them at all when we were sick. They need to catch up!

Not sure if I ever mentioned, but Owen is rolling over all the time now. If you put him on his back, he flips right to his belly. But he's not so good at flipping back onto his back so he gets pretty frustrated on his belly. Sometimes he just decides to suck on his hands! He does that all the time too... sucking or chewing on his hands and fingers.

We watched the Superbowl-- all the kids were asleep by 9. I took the cutest picture of the boys sleeping in the basement. Sam had already gone up to bed.

Art bought an air hockey table that we put in the basement! It's really becoming a "family room" down there. The kids have been loving playing air hockey. And I've beaten Art few times!!

I bought myself something too....a Babyhawk baby carrier. It's really for Owen, of course!! I've used it a couple of times and so far it's really comfy. Owen needs to get used to it. The last time I used it it put him to sleep!!

That's all for now. Off to watch "What Not To Wear". Hope I didn't forget too much!!

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