Monday, February 9, 2009


No new update on Zarek.

Well...let's see...these first pictures are from the Blue and Gold Dinner last Saturday. It's a Cub Scout dinner. Yummy roast beef! Although Colby lost his uniform and couldn't find it... and by the time he did, we were late and weren't able to sit together as a family. (We found it under the couch...herm... and he even has a hook on his wall just for that uniform!!) Samantha did not go to the dinner, she was babysitting for our neighbors.

She also spent with day with my mom, and my aunt Tina, and cousin Jenn in Northampton, Mass celebrating Jenn's birthday. And Jenn in turn gave Sam a birthday gift too, including a neat journal made from recycled panda poo. Yup, poo!

Will woke up last Friday with an upset stomach and ended up staying home from school. That was a good thing, because he was throwing up. And didn't I just post that we were all done being sick??? Guess I spoke too soon. Will had a 101 temp on Sat morning, but seemed to be better by the evening for the dinner. That morning though, we found him on the floor in the basement sleeping in front of the woodstove!! And Shea was laying with him too!!

Here is a picture of me and Owen with my new baby carrier, a mei tai. It's taking us some getting used to. He loves being on the front, not so much in the back. (and please ignore the jammies, I was just bumming around!)

And Owen is just starting to sit up on his own!! Wow! Yesterday he sat on his own for a whole minute. I don't really give him the opportunity to sit on his own, but he likes to do it!!

Owen went to the dr. today because he is 4 months old. I will post the stats next time because all I remember is that he is 16 pounds!!!

Happy Monday night.

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