Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi again!!

Well, Samantha is officially 12 years old now. That makes me OLD.
For her birthday she got a very cool digital camera, and all of the pictures today were taken by her!!

This first one is a self portrait, isn't she so pretty?

And Owen in all his baby cuteness.

And then Colby and Nick, being very silly.

And then Grammy and Owen== awww!!!

We have been very busy. Sam had a fun birthday party, we all went snow tubing and she brought a few friends. I had fun in the lodge with Owen, drinking hot cocoa and talking with an old friend.
And then they slept over, and surprisingly were asleep by 1.
At midnight we had pizza and ice cream!!

Basketball is winding down... not sure if I'm happy about that or not. At this point the boys don't want to play next year.

Art is still working a crazy schedule. This week it's days because the schools are off. So I have a house full and he is at work!!!

The boys got a little behind on tae kwon do so we are trying to catch up...

I will try and catch up more again soon.

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