Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

It's Monday!! Hard to believe that it's the last Monday in February. Wow! Art's schedule is still weird... he's actually home today, working the evening shift. And all of the kids are home too because school doesn't start up again until Wednesday... so we are all hanging out together!!

On Wednesday the new CES opens! How exciting!

Here are some pictures that are from my own camera... they are a little old... :)

The top is Sam at her birthday party, opening presents! She actually volunteered to put the ribbon her head! Yes, we were surprised too. It was a really fun party.

And then a picture of Colby, taken on a night that we were all playing rummykub. It's always fun to have family game night. And even more fun when all the kids can play the game!!

And a picture of Will and the treasured chess set! He is really loving this game lately, and he is getting so good at it. I don't know claim to play well... but Will has beaten me *many* times. He's a very good strategist and he always looks ahead. It's fun to watch him play and see how his brain works.

And a picture of Owen sucking on my finger. I love his eyes!

And another picture of Owen... in this one he is wearing his cool OOGA BOOGA diaper! Yes, I
bought this diaper especially because of the print. I just love those little ooga booga monsters!

On Saturday I went with my sister to visit Zarek in the PICU at Albany Med. Unfortunately, no one under 14 is allowed... which means Owen had to stay home with Daddy. I was really nervous about that, but they both did great!!
Zarek was so small... laying in his huge crib, all hooked up to wires. So sad!! But he looked great, his color was nice and he looked perfect aside
from the big bandage on his side.
They did surgery and went in to drain the mass in his chest. When they were in there, they found something else... they don't know what it is... something that is attached to his chest wall. It is attached by blood vessels so they were unable to remove it.
They had to drain the mass before they could do another MRI... hopefully it is drained by now.
Keep praying for him!!

Bowling is going great! Only 4 more weeks. Wow. Colby won't be signing up again, but Will is
planning to do the next session.

Basketball is almost over. Colby has to miss bowling to go to basketball again. Just another reason for him not to do it again!!

We have started another home remodeling project-- our bedroom!! We have really not touched our bedroom since we moved in. But it's time. Art painted it yesterday-- a really nice dark gray color (what is his obsession with gray?). It looks 10,000 times better than it used to!!! Now we need to get new bedding and curtains, and frame some pictures to hang. Oh, and a new carpet! And we are moving the computer from our room to the back room... which requires another wireless set up. I can't wait to see it done!!

That's the update for now.

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