Friday, May 9, 2008

Colby is 7 years old!

Who can believe, really, that little Colby is seven years old? It really seems like he was just a baby, just yesterday! And of course, he IS our baby....for now, anyways!!
Colby's birthday was Wednesday the 7th. He thought it was very cool that we had a party at 7 on the 7th and he turned 7!
This picture was taken at school...the spring picture. I love it so much, which stinks because I didn't plan on buying any. But they tease you by sending them home and you just send back what you don't want. Don't do that to me!! I love this picture!! And you can't even see the road rash!
Colby got a Gameboy DS for his birthday, which he has been wanting forever! Will handed him the gift, and when he opened it, he gave Will a really big hug! It was cute!! And after that he gave EVERYONE a hug when he opened their gifts! Grammy and Wally were there, Aunt Amy, Braelyn, Nellie, Uncle Mike and Renee, and Grandpa Bill. It was lots of fun. Papa even called that night, which really made Colby happy.
Happy birthday, Cheddar!

In totally unrelated news, I am happy to say that Samantha has been scouted!! Ha ha! That's what I consider it, anyways! At her last softball game, her assistant coach came up to us... he is the head coach for the girl's travel A team... and he wanted Sam on the team! This team you had to try out for back in the fall, and Sam didn't want to do it then. But she does now, and she is officially on the travel team! He said she is really good, has a great attitude and it's apparent that she loves the game! I am SO proud of her! I love that other people can see her talent besides me! (Don't all moms thinks their kids are the most talented?) So she will attend the next practice, but there really aren't many before the games and tournaments begin. The team has been practicing since the fall! Go Sam! Go Sam!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow 7 is that possible.. it's less than two months till we get there with Jac!