Monday, May 12, 2008

Just keeps getting better!!!

We spent yesterday (Sunday) doing a little landscaping, and I am loving the results!! It just keeps getting better and better, really!

Here is the "Before" photo... you can see the old red mulch, the empty space in the corner... but I must say I'm excited to see my day lilies and tickseed coming up!

Here is the "after" picture of that same area. Now we have black mulch, which just a few years ago I hated and swore I would never have... but for some reason I like it now!! We put in some heather on the end... and some pansies and snapdragons to fill in some empty space before the end-of-summer flowers begin to bloom. Now, if only the grass was all green....!

This is the other side of the yard... you can see the mulch and all the little annual flowers we planted. Colby picked out pansies, Daddy liked the snapdragons, Will got the little ones with red flowers that I can't remember the name of, Sam picked out the heather, and Mommy wanted the marigolds. Samantha was such a big help, she dug a lot of the holes and planted a lot of the flowers! It's great to have a helper who actually can do the work! The boys wanted to help but they ended up doing something else....

They went in the pool! Yes, they are crazy. We just put it up yesterday, and they were so eager to get in. It was pretty hot out but the water was ice cold. Obviously it wasn't too cold for them. I don't understand them!! Sam also "tried" to get in but didn't make it past the ladder.

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Beautiful.. looks great.. and I can see Shea's butt sticking out from that one bush!