Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Results!!!

I forgot to add this picture to the blog in the last entry... but along with the landscaping we did, we also PAVED the driveway! It was very exciting because we have had the dirt/mud/rock driveway for almost 8 years. It was time!

Here is a belly shot too... this was taken late last week... Samantha took it, and I must have been talking, hence the funny look on my face! And Art just had to get in there and do a belly shot too. Let's see, who do you think will be bigger come October? (and I just have to comment on the saggy butt and tell you it's really just my pants because they are undone... I should edit that photo!!)

And the big news!!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and IT'S A BOY! They were pretty sure... they froze the frame right on the "boy parts" so it was pretty obvious. I suppose it *may* have been a cord, but it had a distinct beginning and end! His heartbeat was 141 and he is a whopping 12 ounces. He didn't move much during the scan... waved a few times and moved his legs. But no acrobatics! And I don't feel him moving in my belly all that much either... maybe this will be a child who isn't so rammy? Doubtful once he sees his older brothers though! Everything looked good as far as I could tell (and really, I'm no expert, I had thought I saw girl parts...) the heart has 4 chambers, you could see his bones... in the picture you can see his ribs... we also saw the hands ands the legs and the spine... so so cool!!
Now we get to buy cute little boy stuff again!!!

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